As mentioned, I absolutely adore Alias Mae that a second pair of their heels made their way to my shoe closet. This time, the Crown heel which let me tell you, turns heads wherever and whenever I wear  them. Whether it be at the supermarket, at the mall, or at a nightclub or bar I always get at least one person asking me where they could find a pair. They give me such a feeling of empowerment empowerment, that I feel like Rihanna when they hit my feet. So much that the moment I put them on I went for a strut, feeling like Rihanna walking the finale of the VS fashion show in 2012 singing Fresh out the Runway.

Both of my Alias Mae shoes are so unique and fresh, and I haven’t seen anything like them ever! All Alias Mae shoes appear to add a sensational extra touch to any outfit, whether it be simple or detailed. Take a look at Alias Mae’s incredible collection here.


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