Fall in Love with ModelCo this Valentine’s Day

Regardless of what your plans are this Valentine’s Day, whether it be a picnic, candlelit dinner, or a movie, ModelCo has your whole beauty look covered. We all know that Valentine’s Day is the one time a year that the pressure is on for us girls to feel like we are shining as the most beautiful woman in the room. When it comes to my beauty look for the day, I like to pick the sensual sensual shades of reds and pinks, to compliment a similar shaded outfit.

Follow these tips below, and you are guaranteed to make the heart of your man flutter.

  1. Lips

A major must on a Valentine’s Day date is an irresistible pout, to ensure the day or night is sealed with a kiss. Achieve this look by first applying ModelCo’s Illusion Lip Liner, and follow it with their Party Proof lipstick in “After Hours.” This lipstick will be your absolute saviour, with its kiss, drink, and party proof promise.

Optional: Everyones lips are different, however if you want to give your lips something extra for a fuller look, I recommend applying a coat of ModelCo’s Lip Plumper for an instant, long lasting plump lip effect.

PARTY PROOF_After Hours(3mb)

2. Eyes and Hair

With the hardworking products keeping your luscious lips the focus of the date, keep your eye makeup soft and your hair slightly tousled  for that ultimate “effortlessly sexy” romantic look. Since your eye makeup will be soft, I highly recommend my current absolute favourite beauty item, ModelCo’s Fibre Lash Extensions. They are so easy to apply – you simply apply a layer of their mascara (included), follow that with a layer of their lash fibres (included), and then seal the deal with a final layer of mascara to emphasise the extensions. They are 100% the most natural looking lashes I have ever tried, and there is zero chance that they will fall or move as the date progresses. The smudge proof formula in the mascara also means that by the end of the day, you will look as immaculate as you did at the start. Panda eyes are not a possibility with ModelCo’s mascaras.


3. Face

As mentioned, we want to keep makeup simple to allow the lips to be the main focus. So with your face, i’d suggest ModelCo’s BB plus cream. The cream will do wonders for your skin, and still provides a good amount of coverage.

Optional: If you are wanting to add some colour to your cheeks, especially if you are opting away from the brighter lipstick shades, try ModelCo’s Cheek and lip Tint to give you the perfect flushed cheeks.

BB+ Cream - medium

4. Nails

Now what really completes my look on special occasions is a finishing touch of a nail polish. What Valentine’s Day preparation is complete without a touch of colour for the nails? Add a cute, yet casual charm to your look,  keeping to the theme of the day with shades of pink or red. ModelCo’s top 2 Valentine’s Day picks are ‘Fire Cracker Red’ and ‘Hanky Panky.’ If those shades don’t do it for you, they have 45 other stunning nail polish hues that are sure to tickle your fancy.

This Valentine’s Day, ModelCo definitely have your make up covered- now all you need to focus on is the perfect outfit! Good luck!


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Shop these items below:

  1. Illusion Lip Liner

  2. Party Proof Lipstick

  3. Lip Plumper

  4. Fibre Lash Extensions

  5. BB Cream

  6. Cheek Tint

  7. Nail polish


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