I have always been quite sceptical about the whole “skinny tea” frenzy. I have always believed in doing things the natural way and keeping what is in my body super organic and fresh, but this year I suddenly had a change of heart and thought with everyone around me having already tried them, why not give it a go? Surely nothing too bad could come of it.

I was pleasantly surprised! I went safe and tried Skinny Me Tea’s 28 day teatox, and am currently on day 7 and am feeling really great! I haven’t changed my diet at all as I am generally quite healthy (although I do give in to a sneaky treat maybe once or twice a week), but have begun to slowly feel a positive change! It has left me feeling inspired to get fit and healthy with summer right around the corner and some awesome trips on the horizon. Their website has some awesome get-fit tips and exercise plans to get you going, so they are definitely going beyond what they provide you in the tea-bag department. They really get you inspired to achieve a healthy lifestyle rather than a temporary fix.

I do have to be honest though that  I don’t follow the rules 100% but I guess you can just alter what you take to how it suits you. Personally I have decided to only take the colon cleanse tea once a week at a really low intensity, but that’s just because that is what works for me given that I have a million and one belly problems to begin with (including that nasty bloating)!

I have come up with some fun ways to consume the loose leaf tea, and have found my favourite way is to add it to a smoothie as I did in the picture below! To make this, I blended 4 frozen bananas, half a cup of rasberries, some frozen mango, some strawberries, a tiny bit of water, some loose leaf tea, aaaaaand voila! A super tasty healthy treat, perfect for any time of the day! Other ways I make having my tea fun and exciting is to  pop some leaves into a smoothie or acaia bowl, into a fresh fruit juice, or sometimes even just infuse the tea with some fruit.


Oh and just quickly on another note – I have found that their flower bomb tea is also super beneficial for me. It blossoms into a flower right before your eyes, and once consumed (I usually don’t do anything fancy with this one – just straight out of the hot tea pot), you find yourself feeling relaxed, de-stressed, and energised. It is great for when you are feeling lethargic and sluggish also! Made out of green tea, jasmine, rose, and lily, it acts as both the perfect way to start a day or end your day.




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