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Who runs the world? Forget girls, I say Mr. Maticevksi and his brilliant label. How one can posses so much talent is beyond me, but hey i’m not complaining and neither is anyone else. Keep doing what you’re doing as you’re doing it darn well Mr. Maticevski!

Toni Maticevski really does have the world at his fingertips though, and I am not just saying that. You may remember being the designer who dressed me in the beautiful frocks you all went crazy over during the Melbourne Cup Carnival in 2014. Well right in line with his previous collections, the mastermind behind these built on his empire and showcased to us this Tuesday afternoon his newest collection. Let me tell you something, it really was something else and caused me goosebumps from start to finish and not one second less.

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The Maticevski label to me screams class, couture, sophistication, and innovation. With structures, cuts, folds, and fabrics playing a huge role in his design, the designer manages to combine a number of great ideas to put his own personal trademark twist on things, and season after season produces exquisite stand out collections. It is no wonder he is the leader of the fashion industry.

From the moment the first model emerged onto the brightly lit catwalk to the sounds of calming crashing waves, guests have been gloating left right and centre about the incredible show. So I guess it comes as no surprise to you when I say that this was my favourite Fashion Week runway show. His pieces stole my heart, and the hearts of many others this week.

The new collection of course incorporated his usual gathering, twists and structures, but also featured volumous gowns, tuxedo two pieces, and beautiful coats to match. He again opted to include some beautiful beaded embellished pieces, and added one or two metallic gold stand out pieces showing that amongst his other talents, he too has the midas touch. Thigh splits and asymmetric hemlines made an appearance, and by layering his pieces over one another, a new dimensional element was added.

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While of course keeping crisp black and white neutral pieces as part of his collection, Maticevski’s colour palette turned out to include pastels of fairytale pink and soft lavenders, leaving these colours as the colours for the Spring season ahead. This dramatic show left the crowd in absolute silence, gawking over piece by piece that was sent out. Even the accessories of Lenovo tablets, transparent domes with florals inside, and 24 carat gold dipped luggage, were a huge head turner. These new season garments are perfect for anyone with expensive taste, and I now know what pieces I will be adding to my desktop folder of “lustworthy pieces.”

Each and every element of this years runway show was perfect to the tee. The setting – flawless. The dreamy tunes – flawless. The props- flawless. The garments – FLAWLESS. Someone seriously dial 1800 flawless because we have an offender amongst us.

Having gained the trust and respect of all, I truly believe that the mastermind behind these beautiful pieces has the power to dictate how fashion proceeds globally. Collection after collection, season after season, he creates flawless garments that just ooze sophistication and class, so it is no shock that his runway show was absolutely full from wall to wall. All in all, I rate this show 100000000000000 / 10. Sheer brilliance, and if you thought you saw me shedding a tear for the absolute beauty of the show….well you were correct.


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Images by Jacqui Turk


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