Glitz and glamour were in full swing this past Wednesday evening as Galanni showcased their newest collection of stunning head turning gowns –  a true shine shine shine moment!!

Having only launched within the past few years, Galanni has rapidly boomed to success and become one of the glam pack’s favourite designers. The designer gowns and dresses are everywhere we turn our heads. Whether it be at a gala function, on the red carpet, or on stage at a music concert, a Galanni gown is sure to be spotted. Put a dress of theirs on and you will feel a million dollars. You will feel all eyes on you, and that is because they will be.

When designers Lenna Vasilas and Catherine Vasilas  sent out their new collection this past week at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, since it was a little hard to capture snapshots of the runway from the seating due to lighting, the runway had my full undivided attention and my phone was back in my clutch. Gown after gown was paraded down the seductively lit runway, with the models looking glamorous from head to toe showcasing soft curls and flawless glam makeup looks. Each garment was just as beautiful and swoon worthy than the next, and I could see myself wearing almost every dress. Lace and sequin embellished pieces were standouts to me, with the rope detailing also being of heavy singificance. The figure hugging gowns, some to the floor, some with thigh high slits, and some midi length, represented sophistication and glamour. We saw cut outs, plunging necklines, and beautiful sheer panelling leaving the collection a stand out and one of a kind. I really did find love at Galanni.

All something a girl like me is after! So keep an eye out over the next few months – you will definitely be seeing me in a few of these beauties.





W by White Wolfe