Mother’s Day is one of those days that creeps up on us with no warning. We are going about our year and then suddenly it’s May, it’s Thursday, and Mother’s Day is just a few days away. How organised are we? Well we have no plan and no presents. Have no fear… we still have a few full days of planning to go and I have put together an easy last minute gifting guide with some perfect ideas bound to make your mother go awww. All Mother’s are different, but these goodies are necessities, appreciated by everyone, and something we could all do with a bit of!

  1. Voluspa Candle

These candles have been hot commodities for years, and with a hugggee variety of fragrances and packaging to choose from they are the perfect gift. I will be giving mum the Moso Bamboo candle with a whipping 100 hour burn. The packaging is just divine and the candle smells like a cross between moso bamboo and black music Japanese cypress.

  1. Thaglo exotic Island body scrub

We are reaching that time of year where we have truly sent Summer on its way. However with this Ma’ohi inspired nourishing and purifying body scrub your mother will feel like she is on an island getaway pampering herself. The scrub is filled with sand, salt and coconut shells and gently purifies the body leaving skin soft and velvety. Even I would die to get a try of this baby! So grab your mother a glass of bubbly, send her to the bathroom with her body scrub and allow her to be transported to the heart of the Polynesian Islands.

  1. Evo Pin Bristle Brush

This is a perfect little goodie to add to your gift hamper this Mother’s Day. The natural boar bristles stimulate the scalp, reduce frizz, and add shine. If your mother is one of those fussy ones, there is no way she will complain about this one. Everyone needs a brush so why not get her the best of the best to show her how much you love her. It is high heat-resistant and has ionic pins to help reduce frizz, but has natural rubber soft cushion pads for a gentle brushing. For a super easy way to groom daily, she will be turning to this left right and centre. It works especially well on long, thick wavy hair like my family’s!

  1. Wella SP Luxe Light Oil

One of my newest favourite brands, Wella SP has this incredible luxe oil, and the beauty about it is that it is in a can! Personally for me I always have to give my mother that extra encouragement to pay daily attention to her hair and this just makes it that more doeable. No oily hands after application and no excessive greasiness from applying too much. All that is required is one or two sprays and the light oil will leave her hair soft and smooth.

  1. Sebastian Hydre Deep Moisturizing Treatment

Just something extra special that you mother will be over the moon to use on her pamper day. This miracle treatment provides hair with intensive long lasting moisture, so she will have silky looking locks for days. Perfect for coloured hair to give it that extra kick and shine!

  1. Max Factor and Covergirl Beauty Products

I don’t know about you, but when it comes to beauty my mother is the queen of fussy. Anything I get her she is bound to complain. However being Mother’s Day, it is all about pampering so I cheekily added some beauty products in that she is BOUND to love. So what did I add in?

First, Max Factor Creme Puff Pressed Powder. This powder is super light and leaves skin looking velvety and smooth. Perfect for a nice lunch out.

Next up, Max Factor Ruby Tuesday lipstick and Colour elixir lip liner. A subtle red combination that every woman needs.

I then popped in a Max Factor excess volume extreme mascara. My mother’s new go to mascara for a nice night out where she wants to add that extra bit of femininity and glamour.

Finally, two Covergirl outlast stay brilliant nail varnishes in safe colours. She is bound to love these – I mean, who says no to nailpolish right?!

  1. Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist

This rosewater balancing mist has been one of my long time favourite Jurlique products. The refreshing spray is perfect for any time of the day to hydrate and soften skin from a blend of Marshmallow and Aloe. I use it on my face when I am feeling flustered and need to relax so this is perfect for a busy on the go mother. I always catch my mother trying to sneak in a spray or two!The fragrance is extremely relaxing and the rose essential oil and powerful botanicals help to enliven the skin and senses.

  1. La Prairie Facial Moisturiser

For a top of the range top quality moisturiser, you cannot find any better than La Prarie. If your mother is extra deserving this year if you slip this goodie in the hamper she is sure to shower you with extra love for months to come. This is on the top of every well groomed lady’s wishlist and is referred to as the best product in the world.

  1. The Peach Box

For a lovely added touch, The Peach Box have some super cute jewels available that are classy, simple, and sweet. If your mother is a jewellery lady you are sure to find something you like from the beautiful collection on this online store!

  1. Louis Vuitton Wallet

For something extra special, I headed to my favourite LV store and made a naughty purchase. This lucky mother will be receiving a whole bunch of goodies she can use to pamper herself, and then something from LV as keepsake that she can use forever. Spoiling at its finest to show how much she means to me – love you mum!



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