If you love makeup, or even if you are just human, you would have come across Mecca Maxima at one point or another in time. God’s gift to women really. Stocking popular brands from Yves Saint Laurent to Nars, Mecca Maxima really acts like your go to beauty department store. Whatever it is you want, this heavenly store has it…and more. Not only that but you don’t even have to leave your house.

Being quite the girly girl myself, I am always looking to expand my beauty collection. Whether it be a new lipstick or a full set of contouring colours, I will always make space for more. So I was over the moon when a recognisable black box landed on my doorstep and my ever expanding beauty collection grew just that tiny bit more.

So what did I add…what could a woman possibly need that she doesn’t already have? Well let me enlighten you.

First of all, the Nars Copocabana Illuminator. I have heard soooo many good things about this product mainly from freelance makeup artists and close friends, all who do so much with this product. When I tried it I fell in love quite instantly with the radiating light it gives. I used it to highlight the top of my cheeks as well as in the creases of my eyes for a glistening pearl glow.

Next up I have the Mecca Cosmetica Brush With Success Brush Cleaner. This is one of those products that we all know we need but never prioritise. However when you think about how important it really is, it zooms right up to the must have section. A clean brush is essential and this quick dry formula ensures the brushes are nice and purified in between applications. I have added this into my makeup regime and now use it every time I apply my makeup!

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush. I came across this incredible makeup label whilst travelling throughout the United States last year and fell in love. I have tried their primer which I have been unable to get enough of, and after sneaking a peek of their blush and bronzer powder compacts, my heart was melting. This marbled blush gives a sweeping soft rosey look, leaving your face looking alive with more dimension and depth by the use of Photo-luminescent Technology.

Kit Blender Sphere. The mother of contouring and an essential for all cream contouring. Right now I am 100% on the contour band wagon and love to get my contour on, so this is like a saviour for me. I am thinking of buying another so I have one to blend my contour with and one to blend my highlight with. Highly recommend this necessity.

Mecca Coemsetica Kisseable Lips Smoothing Lip Exfoliant. For silky smooth lips I have been turning to this bad boy. There is nothing worse than having flaky lips when trying to apply lipliner and lipstick, so this gets your lips right where you need them for those voluptuous beautiful lips.

Too faced Lip Injection Extreme. The be all or end all to my existence. The bane of my existence. Me. In a nutshell. This product is like liquid gold for me. It is in every bag I use, and is with me everywhere I go. This gloss just gives that final liquid touch to your lips, and gives the extra confidence needed to conquer the world. When I apply this, I am ready to walk into a bar and turn heads. I don’t think I can go back…!



W by White Wolfe