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What a morning it was down at on Seven at David Jones, Sydney. The beauty levels in the event space were beyond high and the buzz was intense, as some of the most beautiful and flawless women in Australia gathered to celebrate the launch of the global digital and social #Faceforward Clinique initiative, with one of Australia’s very own inspirational creative directors and international blogging queen, Margaret Zhang headlining the campaign alongside American superstar Tavi Gevinson and DJ, model, and beauty app queen Hannah Bronfman.

The global initiative has been designed to inspire confidence, celebrate accomplishments, and to look to the future. We are lucky enough to be in a generation where both women and men are extremely supportive of each other and their accomplishments, rather than competitive and envious. So the initiative allows us all to celebrate all that we have achieved, and make pledges to better our future selves.

The centre of the campaign is the philosophy to make a promise to the future, and put it out there. That is what the room of talented ladies did this morning where our pledges were painted onto frameable cards, allowing us to be reminded of our goals every day.

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Followed by a lovely tea and delicious breakfast, one of the three beautiful campaign faces, Margaret Zhang, chatted all things beauty, blogging, and putting her #faceforward. She cleverly pointed out that beauty is no longer only about looks, but more about the vibe that is exuded. Not only is Margaret incredibly inspiring, but also a strong, smart, hard-working and daring woman. All things a Clinique woman represents. No lady more perfect could have been chosen for the honorary position as face of the campaign than our beautiful Margaret. If you are not an avid follower of hers as most are, there is no doubt you would have heard her name in passing, or seen her work without realising. So her reign to this position was almost inevitable given her current global domination.

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Clinique, having been my go-to skin routine brand since the precious age of 9 or 10, is not only an Australian iconic brand, but also an international favourite. Whether it be the three step skincare process – cleanse, tone, and moisturise, or the beaded scrub, Clinique will always have you covered when seeking that flawless skin, and they don’t even stop there. I have recently discovered their new chubby sticks and turnaround revitalising lotions, instant facials, and creams which are all just as fabulous! Their skincare products leave you feeling confident and empowered, ready to take on any task #faceforward!


So flying up to Sydney for Clinique to help launch this new initiative has left me all kinds of excited to join in on the #faceforward conversation. I look forward to hearing all of your pledges for your successful futures and make sure to hashtag for us all to see!





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