As we can see, the sun is shining. The cooler weather is well on its way out and the days are getting warmer. This weekend it is safe to say hotter! However there is just one thing…your skin is still stuck in Winter mode. A bit dry, a bit tired, and not as radiant as you would like it. As mentioned in a number of my previous posts, I start to prep my skin for the Spring racing carnival well in advance of the racing days to have it fresh and radiant by the time the carnival hits. With this being said, I recently headed into one of my favourite beauty salons, Jurlique, to experience an hour long Jurlique Signiature facial. Pure bliss is all that I can say.

From the moment I arrived, I instantly knew I was going to enjoy myself. Waiting for my appointment to begin, I knew one thing. That I was in the right place, and sure as heck ready for a treatment.

The customised facial was tailored to suit my skincare conditions, and being on such a tight blogging schedule I opted to get some hydration into my skin for a smooth and radiant complexion that travelling so often can sometimes make hard to maintain. First, my skin was deeply cleansed with a professional brush boosting microcirculation, and was then ready for the application of the hydrating herbal products.

The hour long treatment allowed time for a relaxing face, neck, and shoulder massage, as well as a hand and arm exfoliation and massage, for an all round rejuvinating experience. The combination of the relaxing facial and massage, dim lit room, and soft music, left me feeling 100% revitalised. Not only that, but the hand and arm exfoliation and massage were the final touches to what I can say was a perfect experience. I left the salon feeling smooth, relaxed, and energised as ever.

To have your skin looking race day ready, head into Jurlique and check out their wide range of treatments on offer! If an in-store treatment doesn’t tickle your fancy but you are still after some new products to leave your skin radiant, try the Rosewater mist, Herbal Recovery eye cream and face oil, Herbal recovery gel mask!


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