Worldwide champagne giant and all round luxury superstars GH Mumm brang the party to the Melbourne Cup Carnival with their show stopping action.

Each marquee brings a different vibe and experience to the Flemington’s Birdcage, and the Mumm marquee has been deemed the party starter and essence of the Melbourne Cup Carnival. The marquee brings to life everything we imagine when we picture the ‘French Alps’ and ‘High Altitude’ – the theme of choice for this years marquee. Not only that, but once again the ‘By day, By night’ transformation remained this year, where we saw the afternoon bring a complete evolution of the marquee into a party reminiscent to that of the apres-ski parties in the Alps. With cannons full of confetti and live singers and dancers, the Mumm celebration was one of a kind, and I mean it!

The glamorous party scene attracted an array of beautiful people, not to mention the likes of worldwide superstars including David Guetta, Brody Jenner, and oh yes, the entire E! News team to host their TV show! Talk about extravegance. As if the races weren’t enough, GH Mumm brang that excitement factor up about a zillion notches to bring us the finest Mumm marquee to date. The party could be heard from a mile away, the marquee was always full, and champagne was always flowing. My idea of a PERFECT Melbourne Cup day. It was the destination where I spent a lot of my time, and the place where guests were radiating with happiness and the vibes were explosive.

With flutes of delicious GH Mumm (from gorgeous silver bottles of newly launched David Guetta x Mumm) flowing left right and center, as well as ‘Le cordon luge’ cocktails chilled with liquified carbon dioxide, guests were on a real high. The canapes were mouthwatering and the caviar tasting…well that is another story in itself. Leaving one tasting not enough, Mumm had the guests tounges wagging after sampling the decadent Yasa caviar which had been flown in from Dubai at around $4300 per one-kilogram tin.

Talk about high altitude! My rating? 10/10 once again.


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W by White Wolfe