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FELLA swimwear; an Australian fusion between luxury lingerie and activewear

Anyone that knows me knows that I have a HUGE weakness for swimwear. Being a real Miami beach girl, if I were forced to leave the earth with only one wardrobe item, I truly believe I would choose a swimsuit. Normal ladies have five, maybe six swimsuits that they have on rotation per season. Meanwhile over here I have 100 to 200 on rotation YEARLY. Addicted to say the least. My vacation suitcase looks like a swimsuit warehouse and that is after having narrowed it down many times.

Thanks to this obsession, I have found myself somewhat of a swimsuit connoisseur. Over my adult years I have been on the hunt for the most flattering, unique, and out there swimsuits and have sifted through hundreds of designers in the process, picking up many pieces along the way. I have also found myself a fair bit ahead of the trends by closely following swimsuit designers from all over the world – Miami, Brazil, France, Hawaii, and of course, Australia. Never however have I had a favourite swimsuit label. One that I could rely on 100% of the time to make me something marvellous. I have had favourite pieces, favourite styles, and favourite structures, but never a favourite label.

That is, until I came across Australian swimsuit label Fella Swim. Leave it to the Australians to know what is best in the swimsuit department! At conflict with myself on whether to expose my best kept secret, I recently decided that it needs to be said. Fella Swim hail over the whole world in the swimsuit department. Never have I come across a brand with such unique, simplistic, and sophisticated pieces. Saying the designers create extremely flattering yet chic pieces would be an understatement. As soon as I slip on a Fellas Swimsuit I go from a 0 to 100 real quick. They instantly give you that sense of empowerment and confidence, just like swimwear should! Being the first company to have this effect on me, I will definitely be expanding my (already huge) Fellas collection. Ten Fellas swimsuits in under 12 months is an achievement of mine in itself.

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Masterminds behind the brand Rosie Iffla and Christine Tang manage to produce extremely unique and head turning pieces every time – think ocean luxe at its finest form. The perfect combination of sophistication, sexy, beachy, and chic. The high quality tailored pieces fill that gap in the market and are perfect for a transition from day to night. Wearing the pieces as a top or bodysuit is something I do often and leave everyone curious as to where I have been shopping!

So what has sent Fellas skyrocketing to all new highs over the last year or two? The designers were one of the first in Australia to take the leap and experiment with cheeky cut bottoms, intricate designs, high necks, and mesh panelling. I love to keep up with the evolution of swimwear shapes and trends, so Fellas Swimwear is right down my alley. The comfortable bikinis remain in place regardless of what activity you are engaging in. Take it from me who ran a mile in my fellas bikini. It all stays in.

I remember the first day I spoke with Fella Swim. Being such an avid bikini lover,  I was extremely eager to shoot this new and exciting label that had taken my breath away on social media. Little did we know that the brand would soon sky rocket to International success within such a short time. Not only can the designs be seen on celebrities, models, and blogger babes from around the world, but also shot by amazing photographers and requested by A-grade publications such as Vogue America. With only two collections so far, Fellas are already hands down my favourite swimsuit designers…in the world! That title is NOT thrown around lightly.

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Finally below is a sneak peek of my shoot for Fellas which can all be picked up on their webpage now!

So with Summer virtually around the corner, it is definitely time to check out (what is left) of the Resort ’15 Fella Swim collection. I am sure we will be seeing a lot more of the unique label around the place!


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