Very high up on every woman’s priorities is flawless skin. That fresh skin that glows, that radiates and that screams perfection! With great skin as such a high priority, us women are anything but strangers to being on the hunt for the perfect skincare products to give us that fresh glow. Weeks, months, if not years, have gone by where I have trialled different skincare companies and jumped from product to product, with my latest endeavour being EMK Beverly Hills.

As the name suggests, the brand originally resided in the sunny land of Beverly Hills. Home to the stars, the skincare brand was originally only available through dermatologist recommendation to those who a select few celebrities and high profile clients. However gone are the days where the products are hard to find, as the brand has grown far and wide and only recently expanded into Australia with the stock now available at our fingertips!

With a great focus on the under eye area, I first trialled the EMK Under Eye Firming gel. Addressing under eye bags/dark circles as well as micro-wrinkles, this product has to be my favourite from the range. It is aimed at reducing and preventing puffyness, swelling, and irritation under the eyes, and from my experience it does just this! I cannot comment on the wrinkle reduction as I am yet to face this hurdle (touch wood), however I have seen a significant reduction in under eye circles! Filled with nourishing and fresh ingredients, the natural product has become a part of my daily routine. The cucumber extract helps to revitalize, brighten, and tighten the skin, making your face look more fresh and awake….glowing might I even say! The chamomile extract also claims to help in reducing small wrinkles and fine lines around the eyes and speed up the skin regeneration process.

Next up in my new skincare kit is the EMK Anti-aging serum. Rich in Vitamins A, B, C, and D, and formed from natural plant extracts such as seaweed, star anise, tea leaves and more, this serum is directed at reducing fine lines on the face as well as slowing down the ageing process. This miracle oil also helps to recede redness after skin procedures such as microdermibration and chemical peels, as well as tighten and lessen the appearance of dark spots. Leaving the skin more flexible and elastic, I found this product again to be a nice new touch. Perfectly paired with this super oil is the EMK Supra Night Recovery Cream. By applying the Anti-aging serum moments prior to the night cream, the absorbent process of the product into the skin is accelerated! The Supra Night cream is again aimed at diminishing wrinkles, firming the skin, and renewing the face overall. Increasing the oxygen levels to the skin, skin is tightened, brightened, and protected. Skin elasticity and moisture are the two greatest results of the cream through the assistance of rich shea butter and aloe ingredients. This product is light and breathable, and with a botanical/floral scent but no harsh chemicals, is a perfect product to get our faces summer ready!

After only one week of use, skin has been left feeling refreshed, elastic, and more evenly toned! If you are looking for a glow, EMK is a great skincare line! The only way to find that perfect product for your skin is to test and test until the product is right! So far so good for me!



W by White Wolfe