As if Melbourne in March was not extravagant and thrilling enough, the 2017 Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival officially came, saw, and conquered this past week! However the excitement did not stop there with premium international automobile company Mercedes Benz partnering with the fashion festival to bring their renowned sophistication and style to the event.

Known for their opulence, luxury, and style, Mercedes Benz took on Melbourne to reign as one of the most outstanding and premium brands in association with the Fashion Festival. Adding yet another showstopping event to their already extremely impressive portfolio (which can be classed as worldwide domination), the brand brang their unique flare and presence to make the festival internationally recognised as the best yet!
Not only that, but their range of luxury cars transporting high profile guests to and from the runway events as well as their activation at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre throughout the entire festival left the brand impossible to miss!

With all of this said I feel extremely privileged to have partnered with Mercedes Benz this year to bring all of the fashion, fun, and style from VAMFF to you all! This partnership comes as something extremely special and close to me given fashion and cars are my two major passions! I have always lived by the saying that fashion and style never steer far from any aspect of life. Style does not stop at clothing or accessories, and has no boundaries. It is a way of life, and what better way to spend that life than with the very best – Mercedes Benz.
Taking that advice as biblical, I have been fortunate enough to kick my year off doing exactly that and zipping around in my new Mercedes Benz GLC 250D, and where do I start! From the moment I switched this beauty on, I knew it was the one. The sleek and sophisticated machine encompasses everything I look for in a car. Given our Melbourne traffic is anything but easy to deal with, this car makes spending hours on the roads not only bearable, but pleasurable! From the intricate detailing of the white stiched lining on the smooth leather seats, to its unbelievable technical abilities, this car has no limits. Oh and did I mention it has your back when it comes to safety? I am talking automatically breaking when the car in front of you breaks or when another comes too close, reminds you to stop for a coffee break on long journeys, and literally parks for you. Oh, and my absolute favourite feature…a LIVE birdseye camera for parking! I mean seriously what doesn’t it have…it has it all! I have even found myself going for a cruisey joyride to enjoy its luxurious comfort! Accompanying me to meetings, events, outfit drop offs, and of course to VAMFF, the GLC has become my partner in crime.

Now back on to the hot topic of the VAMFF runway action! The annual festival is scheduled in my diary as one of the most exciting weeks on the social calendar. Being one of the only premium consumer runway festivals in the country, not only are the designers, media, and bloggers in attendance, but also other stylish Melbourians and interstate guests who are out to enjoy a night of fashion and fun! With guests being able to shop the runway, what you saw was what you got so it came at no surprise that eyes were glued to the runway with guests enthusiastically snapping their favourite looks! The events were graced with works of art by local designers including Michael Lo Sordo, Talulah, Thurley, and Bianca Spender presenting their masterpieces, but the action did not even steer close to stopping there. Adjacent to the Royal Exhibition Building was the VAMFF Hub which was full of bars, food carts, and so many brilliant activations! Of course, guests were unable to miss the aesthetically pleasing Mercedes Benz selfie hub, where a beautiful floral swing arrangement was set up for the entire festival for guests to have their pictures snapped.

Overall the week with Mercedes Benz at VAMFF was an absolute pleasure to say the least. Stay tuned for more thrilling Mercedes Benz action over the next few weeks!


W by White Wolfe