Well what a grand four days it has been here in Melbourne! I am still so overwhelmed with adrenalin from the fast car action that I have become almost speechless when attempting to describe the 2017 Australian Formula One Grand Prix!

Those of you who know me are well aware that I am rarely lost for words and love to ramble on, however it seems that this four day Formula One fun has cast some kind of magical spell on me! Who would have known that I would develop such a strong newfound passion for live formula one racing…because that is exactly what happened to me these last few days with Mercedes Benz at the Grand Prix.

Although I have been following the Formula One action on TV for many years now, this years Grand Prix was my first real life experience getting up close and personal with the cars and drivers, and boy was it something special! The Grand Prix live in action is so incredibly thrilling and definitely an event that I recommend each and every individual add to experience on their bucket list! The speed, the atmosphere, and the celebrations all come hand in hand to create this electrifying event! It is no wonder the Grand Prix has solidified such a strong support system from racing enthusiasts following the exhilarating sport around the world!

Bringing sophistication and style to the Formula One Grand Prix as usual was German premium car favourites, Mercedes Benz. The elite brand renowned for raking in the winning Formula One titles  jumped on board the trackside action and heated things up with their high class Mercedes Benz Star Lounge for the event. Hosting an array of VIP and high profile guests not to mention racing royalty and Mercedes Benz superstar drivers Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas, the Mercedes Benz Star Lounge was once again labelled the most exclusive trackside viewing destination.

Kicking off the four day action was the annual Mercedes Benz Ladies Luncheon which saw a range of high profile power-women hosted in the Mercedes Benz Star Lounge to celebrate the fusion of fast cars and fashion at our very own Grand Prix. Social Media stars, Television Personalities, and a range of our finest ladies gathered together to welcome Mercedes Benz to the Grand Prix and take a sneak peak of what was to come over the next few days! This included a delicious menu tasting by none other than one of Melbourne’s favourites Shane Delia and the Atlantic Group, and desserts by my dearest friend and superstar celebrity dessert chef Darren Purchese of Burch Purchese. Not only that, but guests were treated to a surprise sneak peek runway show from Australia’s very own Dion Lee, and a special guest appearance by the designer himself, to celebrate his partnership with the brand!

Finally, with the weather being its usual unpredictable self, the hot weather caused no problems given the presence of makeup guru and Australian superstar Tre Dallas and his fine team working their magic in the Mercedes Benz Star Lounge Beauty Bar! This meant that there was absolutely nothing stopping guests from looking polished from morning until the sun went down!

Hitting the track on the weekend for some more exhilarating Formula 1 action was no doubt going to happen given my newfound passion, and being in attendance at one of the most prestigious events in the world with one of the most elite brands in the world was such an honour. The atmosphere, the passion, and the sheer excitement watching the fast cars manoeuvre their way around the windy lakeside track sent an adrenalin rush through my bones like nothing else has! Spectating alongside other racing enthusiasts meant all eyes were on the track all day long (of course with cocktail and bubbly breaks in between)!

The lunch buffet presented a wide selection of fresh and mouthwatering dishes, and the delectable canapés throughout the day meant hunger was never an option! The drinks selection can only be described as perfection (hello bourbon smoothies, St Ali coffee, and of course endless flutes of bubbly), and the desserts….well they speak for themselves. If Burch Purchese have anything to do with the sweets, you know they will be magical, and that is exactly what they were! As I write this post my mouth even begins to water….

Overall Mercedes Benz pulled a class act yet again in hosting another extravagant event in their trademark style and sophistication. The spacious space presented a beautiful terrace, stunning decor, and of course A grade hospitality. Not to mention killer trackside views making it the ultimate racegoers pavilion. I am thrilled to have been able to bring my fashion flare to the sporting event and cannot wait to share more of my newfound passion with you all!


W by White Wolfe