I was recently lucky enough to return to the beautiful Hayman Island for a quick island getaway, and I have been bursting at the seams to share with you all my wonderful experience. I cannot even begin to describe the natural beauty of the Whitsunday Islands, and Hayman Island has always been my favourite luxury destination. Being right in our own Aussie backyard, we are able to catch a quick plane ride to this marvellous island to pamper ourselves and indulge in all the island has to offer. I have visited Hayman Island something like 15 times, and each time I return, I find myself adding a new favourite meal to my list, a different hidden beach location to my favourites, or a new fun activity! Management always seems to keep on their toes to offer new activities – so my experience is never a let down- always fresh and fun!

Starting with the transfer 

Arriving to the Hamilton Island airport is an experience in itself. Looking out of the window whilst descending over the beautiful Whitsunday islands is such a treat – something that I believe we are truly blessed with. As you walk off the plane and onto the tarmac down the stairs, holiday mode really starts to set in. You are taking your first steps onto a beautiful tropical island, and looking around, you are surrounded by groups of gorgeous palm trees, and the beautiful tranquil deep blue sea. Making your way to the Hayman Island concierge desk inside the airport increases the excitement of what is to come- the most luxurious transfer to the hotel that I have ever experienced. That is, on a beautiful Hayman Island Yacht (or helicopter if you choose- we took the yacht). You are directed to the yacht, with your luggage courteously being taken care of by the Hayman staff, and you are well on your way. Without having even set foot on the boat, you are greeted by a number of Hayman yacht staff with a warm welcome and a smile from ear to ear. Having then boarded, you are treated to a range of tasty canapes and beverages to get the vacation going! From then on, you sit back either on the top or bottom level of the boat, and enjoy the ambiance waiting for the other Hayman Island guests to join you onboard and to be on your way.

Whilst on board, you are given a speedy check-in, ensuring that once you arrive to the island, you are able to go straight to your room and do as you please. Once your check in has been taken care of, you are free to enjoy the surroundings onboard the beautiful yacht, for around 45 minutes, awaiting your arrival to paradise.

On the Island

As I always tell my friends and family, I treat Hayman Island as a luxury retreat. You are in total control of what you do with your time. You can either go about your days doing nothing at all feeling like you are the only one on the island, or plan a day full of fun and adventure. For a lot of my time this specific vacation, I felt like I was one of very few to be on the island, so I took complete advantage of this and soaked in the serenity. I was able to walk through the resort without bumping into a soul at complete ease, so it was just me and the tranquility of nature- luscious greenery, large grand swans, and the beautiful turquoise ocean.

A typical day for me involved waking up quite early to begin my day with a relaxing stroll along the beachfront. I absolutely love the feeling of the sand going through my toes (being a waterbaby I have grown up loving the ocean). Having started my days like this, I was calm and relaxed, and had built up the perfect appetite to enjoy the INCREDIBLE buffet breakfast. Here I must point out, that out of all of the resorts I have been to worldwide, Hayman Island has always had, and continues to have, the worlds greatest buffet breakfast. I am not even slightly exaggerating. The selection is impeccable and the quality is just divine. When on Hayman Island, I cannot go a day without devouring a plate full of their scrumptious French Toast – it is to die for. For those of you who love a nice get-me-up to start their day off, the drinks offered at breakfast include champagne, and the universally loved Bloody Mary! The breakfast is the perfect way to start a perfect day.

After breakfast, I would usually take it easy and walk back to my room (maybe popping in to the resident jewellery store which stocks one of my favourite jewellery designers, Depazzi), and change into my swimwear, topped with a nice kaftan and huge hat. I would then make my way to the main pool and spend the day in an extremely comfortable lounge pod (if I get there in time- otherwise a pool deck chair is just as good!). After lounging about in the sun, at about midday I would make my requisite visit to the island’s clothing boutique store only to be greeted with a glass of champagne and a beautiful smile from ear to ear from the lovely shop assistants. Spending so much time in this store, I left the island with some sneaky buys (mostly swimsuits, being my secret weakness), that I absolutely adore. This boutique showcases some gorgeous and unique pieces in their front window, that you cannot simply walk by without popping in!

Following my daily visit to the clothing store, I would order lunch either at the main pool, or the lagoon pool restaurant. Both have menus that are to diiiiiieee for that I am still dreaming about. This is the thing with Hayman Island – everything is magnificent that I just sound like a walking advertisement! However this is 100% my honest opinion. My favourite lunch options have to be the Hayman Burger at the main pool (pictured below), and the fish burger sliders at the Lagoon Pool. These two burgers (with the Hayman Burger slightly beating the fish burgers) are hands down the best burgers I have ever eaten. From the bun, to the filling, to the sauce, the Hayman Island chefs have it all down-packed. The Fish burger sliders were accompanied by sweet potato fries which I was originally reluctant to try, however glad that I did because I discovered how much I love them!

So once time passed and I had digested my yummy lunch, I would head over to the outdoor gym, again surrounded by beautiful and luscious greenery, to have a hit of tennis or golf on the driving range. Although my main purpose of coming to the island is to relax and pamper myself, I love to get involved in some activities, and Hayman Island offers both pampering luxurious experiences, and activities for the physically craved guest. This time the weather wasn’t on my side and I was unable to take a day trip to snorkel at the Great Barrier Reef, however if you do go to Hayman, I 100% recommend taking a seaplane which I have been on in the past. They take you to a stunning location, and the flight there and back is just breathtaking.

Evenings for myself were slow and relaxing. Just the way I wanted them. With a small variety of outstanding restaurants (ranging from Italian to Asian to modern Australian), you are able to indulge in a slow ritual to beautify yourself in preparation for your evening, and following your meal, head to the club lounge for a game of billiards and an evening island cocktail. An absolutely perfect end to every night. What more could you want?

I personally love being on this private island, as no matter what you are doing, you are given your own personal space, free from crowds, and able to truly enjoy the nature and beauty Hayman Island has to offer. However, what has enhanced my experiences particularly is making wonderful friends on the island, and embarking on fun activities together, or sharing a drink and a meal with them, recapping on what each of us had done during the day.

That is all I can really say! With one of my favourite global resort chains, One & Only, now having taken over Hayman Island and planning a revamp, I cannot wait to see what magnificent things they will do.